Two European women meet in a corporate world where their future outlook is framed by expectations and moral restrictions of the south-German society.

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One from Berlin, the other one from Ukraine they grew up in different worlds but they share a deeply rooted desire for freedom and ecstasy. 

Their mutual horrific boss pushes them closer and they start going out heavily to balance long working hours and emotional repression from their management.

Being from Berlin one invites the other to experience the magic of techno and rapidly ruthless baselines become their shared passion. 

They go through relationships and one of them even through marriage, trying to be the right partner in a picture frame that doesn’t fit their being. 

After the divorce the Ukrainian one reflects on life and puts together all passions closest to her heart: traveling, techno and festivals.

After a pitch to her partner in crime, some doubtful weeks and uncomfortable conversations at work, they organize themselves a year of unpaid vacation to travel the world and go to a festival every weekend in a different country. 

Their journey puts everything into perspective and they come to realize that they were not wrong in their attempt to be themselves, not fitting into the puzzle of an appropriate life. 

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